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We're Here to Help You Be Successful!

There are many benefits to participating in The Titan Challenge by itself...

But if you're serious about getting life-changing results...you know, the kind of results that your friends, coworkers, and family all ask about...then we're about to blow your mind!

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You Have Two Entry Levels...How Serious Are You?

Option #1 - VIP for Only $199

Our VIP entry level includes everything you'll need to be successful during the entire 6 week challenge, we're removing ALL of your excuses.

First, we're including our Fat-Burning, Metabolism Reboot 6-week Meal Plan, which tells you exactly what and when to eat!

Next, you'll also be able to attend UNLIMITED Small Group Personal Training/Fitness Coaching sessions (up to 18 sessions) during The Titan Challenge.

Our Small Group Coaching is called Elite VIP and is right for you if:
*You Want Accelerated Results?  *You Prefer Camaraderie of a Small Group?
*You Have Limited Experience? *You Are Significantly De-conditioned or Overweight (more than 40lbs to lose)?

To help you get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible & to accelerate your results, we're making it brain-dead simple to let us help you for 6-weeks during The Titan Challenge for only $199! That's 55% off our normal price so why would I do this?

That's easy...I want you to experience our fitness program firsthand and know what it's like to have a real coach, who cares about your success in your corner to make you successful!

I want to help you reach your 6-week goal. You'll become a raving fan!

And I want you to help spread the word of your success, which will motivate others to join you!

Here's What the VIP Entry Includes

If you choose the VIP Entry to The Titan Challenge, you'll get everything in the Basic Entry PLUS:

First, you can't out-train poor nutrition, so you're going to get a 6-week fat-burning, metabolism rebooting meal plan, including carb-rotation templates, carb-rotation blueprint (the schedule of when to eat), a weekly meal map, a grocery list, and a detailed meal plan of what to eat (there is a women's and men's version available).

As a bonus, I'm going to include my smoothie guide with delicious recipes to keep your body in fat-burning mode and metabolism on fire!

Next, we will call you and set up an appointment for us to meet one-on-one so we can learn about you and your goals. We'll also take you through a workout 1-on-1 so we can teach you all of the fundamentals of our fitness program BEFORE you come to any session! This will eliminate any fear you may have about coming to our fitness program.

After we meet, you'll be able to come to UNLIMITED small group personal training sessions called Elite VIP.

You'll get a personalized fitness program designed specifically for your goals and you'll work in a small group lead by a coach to help you make the most from your time in the gym!

We have several Elite VIP sessions every day for you to choose from. You'll commit to a specific schedule ...but don't worry, if something comes up (because life gets in the way), give us at least 24 hours notice and we can put you into a different session.

And when it's right for you, or if you prefer, you'll also have UNLIMITED access to FitCamp.

FitCamp is our high-energy, strength-building, fat-incinerating larger group 45-minute workouts.

These are designed beautifully so that all ages and abilities can work together in the same session for strength-building and fat-blasting!

Our FitCamp Sessions are offered at:

Monday - Friday at 5:15am
Monday - Thursday at 6:30pm
Saturday at 8am (This session is the only one included as part of The Titan Challenge Basic Entry)

You can come to any or all of these sessions during your Titan Challenge (one session a day is enough).

We make fitness fun...which means you'll want to come back again and again...which means you'll get better results!

And lastly, you'll also get a 24x7 access to the gym (if you don't already have it).

And don't worry, my Iron-Clad Money-Back Guarantee covers you too...so if for any reason you're not happy with the fitness program, I'll refund your money...no questions asked!

So you have NO RISK and no reason NOT to take advantage of this special entry level!

If you're serious about getting the best results from The Titan Challenge and want to look fantastic , choose the VIP Entry for The Titan Challenge!

Option #2 - Basic for Only $40

We know our VIP Entry level isn't for everyone, but we still want everyone to have an option to participate.

Let me explain...

Here's What the Basic Entry Includes

If you choose the Basic Entry to The Titan Challenge, here's what you'll get:

We will call you and set up an appointment for us to meet one-on-one so we can learn about you and your goals. We'll also take you through a workout 1-on-1 so we can teach you all of the fundamentals of our fitness program BEFORE you come to any session! This will eliminate any fear you may have about coming to our fitness program.

You'll be eligible to attend The Titan Challenge FitCamps only that are held on Saturday's at 8am. Sorry...you cannot makeup missed Saturday FitCamps during the week.

  • You can look and feel better in 6 weeks!
  • You'll start with a FREE Success Session to Help You Put Together a Plan to Win! ($87 value)
  • You'll get 6 fat-blasting, strength-building coaching sessions every Saturday from our world-class trainers (we call'em Fitness Coaches) to ensure you get the most out of your time in the gym!
  • Support and accountability to ensure that you are having success every step of the way in weekly check-ins and a private Facebook group.
  • The Official Titan Challenge T-Shirt
  • And So Much More...

Here's How You Can Win...
...So Choose Your Entry Level Wisely!

GRAND CHAMPION - The winner is determined based on their: 

*  1) Total change in lean body mass (increase in muscle)
*  2) 
Total change in body fat (decrease in body fat

Because building muscle is much harder than losing fat, lean mass (increase in muscle) is scored higher than fat loss (decrease in body fat).

The participant with the most positive change in lean mass (using our Lean Body Mass (LBM) formula) will be determined the Grand Champion! Our LBM scoring system takes into account all unique fitness levels and body types to generate an unbiased winner.

REMEMBER, the total transformation you make during the 6 weeks is really the grand prize.

Grab Your Spot In The Titan Challenge Today!
We Start On Saturday, Sept 18, 2021 at 10am

That’s right! You can get amazing results just like the hundreds of other clients that have taken part in our challenges AND have the chance to win CASH & PRIZES!

The Titan Challenge on Saturday, Sept 18, 2021. So, hurry and register today!

The individual with the biggest positive transformation (muscle gained and body fast lost) at the end of the 6 weeks will win CASH & Prizes!


 GET YOUR ENTRY FREE*! That's right...refer 3 other people to participate with you in The Titan Challenge and your entry will be FREE*. Science proves having workout-buddies increases your likelihood of success, so get the message out on the phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Just send them to TheTitanChallenge.com and put your name down as how they heard about The Titan Challenge.  
*You will get a $40 credit for your entry fee applied towards any membership you choose in the gym!  

Here's A Recap Of The Entry Options


Just Want an Entry Into The Titan Challenge? Includes Basic Entry and 6 Saturday Morning FitCamps!


You can look and feel better in 6 weeks!
Free Personal Training Session
6 Fat-Blasting, Strength-Building Workouts Every Saturday
Support & Accountability
Official Titan Challenge T-Shirt
And So Much More...

Most Popular!

VIP Entry

Unlimited Nutrition & Personal Training During The Titan Challenge to Accelerate Your Results!


Everything in the Basic Entry
UNLIMITED Small Group Personal Training (Up to 18 Sessions) During the Challenge
UNLIMITED Access to FitCamp
Carb-rotation templates and blueprint
Weekly meal map
Meal Plan with grocery list
BONUS: Smoothie Guide with recipes!
24x7 Access to the Gym
Gold-Level Tanning
And So Much More...

Existing Client?

Already a Personal Training Client at Titan Fitness? Then This Option Exclusively For You!


Everything in the Basic Entry
Carb-rotation templates and blueprint
Weekly meal map
Meal Plan with grocery list
Women/Men Meal Plan with grocery list
BONUS: Smoothie Guide with recipes!
If You Are a FitCamper and Want To Upgrade to VIP During the Challenge, Then Talk to a Coach!

Iron-Clad, Unconditional, NO-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee

I’m so absolutely sure you’re going to be extremely satisfied with your results and the overall program experience you have that I’m offering an Iron-Clad, Unconditional, NO-Questions-Asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, The Titan Challenge does not satisfy you in any way, simply send me an email and I’ll refund you right away!

So, if for any reason you’re not happy, you can get your money back. Simply contact me. No monkey business.

If You Have Questions...Give Us a Call

We're here to help...and we want to make sure you have all of your questions answered.

If you have more questions, give us a call at (254)666-6016 or email info@TitanFitnessOnline.comand we'll help you out.

Or if you'd prefer to stop by, our office is open from:

Monday-Thursday 8am-8pm
Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday 8am-2pm

Titan Fitness & Tanning
201-B North Hewitt Drive
Hewitt, Texas 76643

The Best Gym Serving Hewitt, Lorena, Woodway, Robinson, McGregor and Waco!

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Disclaimer: The Titan Challenge is not intended for the treatment or prevention of disease, nor is it a replacement for seeking medical treatment or professional nutrition advice. Do not start any nutrition or physical activity program without first consulting your physician. Participation in this program is at your own risk. Titan Fitness, it’s owners, and staff are neither responsible nor liable for any harm or injury resulting from the use of the program. The Grand Prize will be determined by the number of participants.  


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